"Chaude Ecuelle" is a locality where several of the estate's vines are planted. In the past, winegrowers had to take their meals with them, heating them up on the spot in earthenware bowls.

Quality is the Domaine's top priority. Respect for the environment, traditional vine-growing methods and winemaking techniques all contribute to the excellent expression of the Chablis terroir.


The VILAIN family has been growing vines for several generations. The VILAIN brothers Henri and Clovis, born in 1907 and 1911, developed the family vineyard. The next generation, Gabriel and Lucette, launched the marketing of bottled wine. Domaine de Chaude Ecuelle never forgets its founders, and some vines still bear the name of the man who planted them. There's Henri's vineyard and Clovis' vineyard.

Today, Domaine de Chaude Ecuelle continues to cultivate its vines and mature its wine in the Chablis region as a family business. Each member is involved in every stage of the vineyard, from pruning to harvesting and marketing, giving them an overall view of the winegrowing business.


The Chablis vineyards are located in Burgundy, 200 kilometers south of Paris. Chablis soils are composed of clay-limestone marls known as Kimmeridgian.

This terrain contains numerous fossils, including some small oysters that testify to the presence of salt water millions of years ago.

This undoubtedly explains why our terroirs give Chablis wines the mineral, iodized character so well suited to accompanying seafood or fish.